JNTLE is an acronym for Journeying New Tomorrows by Leading with Empathy. Pronounced “gentle,” JNTLE Consulting is my promise for how I engage, empower, and evolve the relationships established through every consulting opportunity. JNTLE Consulting primarily focuses on four service areas: (1) performance improvement, (2) educational design, (3) online program administration, and (4) strategic planning

Service Portfolio

JNTLE Consulting offers a variety of services that fall within four categories. Click on the Learn More button for each service to access a detailed description of what is offered.

Performance Improvement

Enhance learning and workplace performance with dedicated guidance. Tailored assistance available for students, educators, and professionals aiming to grow and achieve goals. Discover inclusive, effective strategies for boosting academic and career success. Focused on fostering growth and excellence at every educational level and within various work environments. Unlocking potential through personalized support.

Educational Design

Revitalize education with innovative curriculum and instructional design services. Crafting engaging learning experiences tailored to diverse needs. Focused on developing dynamic teaching methods and enriching course materials for impactful education. Striving to create inspiring educational environments that cater to all learning styles. Your ally in building captivating and effective educational pathways.

Online Program Administration

Streamline your online program administration with a service focused on enhancing quality and efficiency. Specializing in elevating online education through structured strategies and best practices. Committed to enhancing the virtual learning experience by fostering continuous improvement. Partnering to create, manage, and optimize online programs that meet rigorous standards and exceed expectations. Your guide to outstanding online education administration.

Strategic Planning

Transform your educational environment with comprehensive strategic planning services. Dedicated to aligning resources, goals, and practices across a broad spectrum of instructional support areas. Focused on enhancing teaching, learning, and administrative functions through forward-thinking strategies. Committed to crafting a cohesive, effective framework that fosters innovation and propels educational entities toward sustained success and improved service delivery.